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Trusted Cremation Services 

The only locally and family owned Crematory in Frankfort.Providing local cremation services since 2008.Setting the Standards for Cremation Services. 

As the first and only funeral home in Frankfort to operate a family owned state-of-the-art crematory, we are certainly humbled to serve families of Frankfort with cremation services they can trust for over a decade. The majority of our staff are certified crematory operators; therefore, families can feel confident that those they meet and speak with every day, are the ones serving their loved ones through the entire process. In Franklin and surrounding counties, families who choose cremation turn to Harrod Brothers Funeral Home because of our long experience. As the sole owner and caretakers of the crematory facility, we've become the trusted cremation experts more Frankfort families turn to, every day. 

Celebrating a Life

Celebrating a Life

Our experienced, well-grounded staff have the expertise in specializing details that are unique to your loved one.  

After all, isn't that what honoring a loved one is all about?

Our warm, inviting home allows those to gather while sharing stories and memories.

For us, innovative services stop at nothing, and we encourage families to share personal details of their loved one that allows us to personalize a service unlike any other. Our partners in local venues can offer an unique location to celebrate life with family and friends. 

Memorial Services

Memorial Services

We understand the value of tradition and the ability to combine it with a touch of contemporary to create a truly special ceremony.

With nearly 100 years of experience, our staff members understand wishes of combining traditional and modern services, and who best to provide those services than a 5 generation firm with the only family-owned crematory in Frankfort?

We know that services should not be limited to one style, wish, or tradition, and we are experts in customizing them to best honor your loved one.

Design a Cremation as Unique as The Life Lived

When choosing cremation, the options to honor your love done are limitless. Let us walk you through the possibilities as you choose the right service for your loved one.

Choose a personalized service location.

We welcome all families in our historic home and even so, we understand the importance of personalization in services, celebrations, and receptions. We have partnered with several local venues to provide unique choices for each family. Talk with our expert staff about these venues and the special details we can help arrange. 

Types of Cremation Memorials

There are endless options to honor your loved one. 

In addition to scattering of cremains, Harrod Brothers also offers assistance with interment/burial of cremains, memorable keepsake and fingerprint jewelry, solidified stones, keepsake urns, personalized urns, bourbon barrel urns, biodegradable urns to be planted, wind chimes, birdbaths, cufflinks, and so much more, all containing cremains, keeping your loved one close. At any time, please feel free to call or stop by our office to learn more about these options. 502-227-4526

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