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We at Harrod Brothers understand the great difficulty that this strange time has brought on everyone in our community, especially those who have suffered loss. The essence of Harrod Brothers was built on a home to gather in memory, with a story to tell, and a warm hug to give. It brings us great difficulty to be limited on the services we can offer during this time of social distancing. However, we have provided guidance and comfort for nearly 100 years, and will continue to do so, in new ways that adapt to the everchanging times. In order to provide a place of community from afar, please click the link below to visit the services we have recently provided for those loved ones we are honoring. With the families' permissions, we are providing these service videos so that you, too, may pay your respects and continue the traditions our community has found customary. Please feel free to share your condolences on the obituary page on our website, or in the comments below the video.